Cider Conference 2019

Foto: Martina Sander​


The second CIDER cohort has come to an end with the final conference at the WZB (April 1-3, 2019).

At the heart of the conference was the presentation of the 17 interdisciplinary research groups (micro groups), which were founded and promoted within CIDER. The conference program, which was designed by the fellows themselves, included also a Science Slam and four Keynote Lectures by internationally renowned educational researchers from various disciplines: 

Prof. Dr. Eric Hanushek (Stanford University),
Prof. Dr. Claudia Buchmann (Ohio State University),
Prof. Dr. Lysann Zander (Leibniz University Hannover),
Prof. Dr. Erin Leahey (University of Arizona).

The conference concluded with a panel discussion on “Achievements, Challenges, and Ways Forward in Interdisciplinary Research on Educational Inequality”.

In addition to the lively exchange of ideas, the conference provided also an excellent opportunity to network; Along with the current fellows, it welcomed also fellows of the first cohort, as well as national and international guests. The conference was a great success and the grand finale of the last three years of CIDER II!

Thank you very much for the inspring three years!