Name Institution Research interest
Bayard, Sybille Department of Education Kanton Zürich
  • educational trajectories and (noncognitive) competence development
  • determinants of important transitions in educational life course
  • success against the odds

Project: Swiss Survey of Children and Youth (COCON)

CIDER Fellow from 2013 to 2014

Bernholt, Andrea Institute for Science and Mathematics Education
  • Epistemic beliefs of students and teachers
  • Teachers' professional development
  • Feedback and coping with errors in school

Current projects: PaLea - Panel on teacher education, DoLiS - Development of Learning in Science, KeiLa - The Development of professional competence in pre-service mathematics and science teacher education

Borgna, Camilla Collegio Carlo Alberto
  • Educational inequalities (social class, gender, migratory status)
  • Competence development
  • Comparative assessments of educational systems
  • Tracking and comprehensive schools (Gesamtschulen) in Germany
  • QCA and fuzzy-set methods
Botezat, Alina Romanian Academy – “Gh. Zane” Institute for Economic and Social Research
  •  Education in Eastern Europe
  •  Migration and family left behind
  •  International achievement tests
  •  Applied econometrics
  •  Labor economics
Di Stasio, Valentina University of Utrecht, European Research Centre in Migration and Ethnic Relations
  • sociology of education (school-to-work transitions, overeducation, credentialism)
  • employment discrimination
  • social networks and informal recruitment
  • vignette studies and field experiments
Dumont, Hanna German Institute for International Educational Research
  • Educational inequality
  • Parental involvement
  • Consequences of ability grouping and tracking
  • Individualized instruction
Ebner, Christian Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Sociology of Education
  • Sociology of the Labour Market
  • Vocational Training and Transitions into the Labour Market in International Comparison
  • Further Training and Labour Market Outcomes

Main Project: „Berufsbezogene Weiterbildung in Deutschland – Gründe, Formen und Erträge"

Gambaro, Ludovica German Institute for Economic Research
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Family policy
Gorges, Julia Bielefeld University
  • Educational decisions and participation in education
  • Motivation to learn throughout the lifecourse
  • Expectancy-value-theory
  • Lifelong Learning

Current research project: Motivation to learn beyond secondary school – Investigating the development of self-beliefs and task-beliefs in adulthood (funded by the German Research Foundation, support code  GO 2353/1-1)

Hachfeld, Axinja University of Konstanz
  • professional competence of pedagogical staff
  • educational equality in multicultural and pluralistic societies
  • longitudinal effects of early child care on the development of children’s cognitive attainment
  • differential effects of preschool quality on the development of children with different social and ethnic backgrounds
  • early childhood health education and health literacy
  • effects of early childhood interventions and parenting programs

Past project: Pedagogical beliefs of preschool teachers about early mathematics education

Current project: Effects of participating in an early childhood parenting program ('Chancenreich') - invesitaging effects on home learning environment and child-oriented health behaviors and motivation

Koch, Tobias Psychologische Hochschule Berlin
  • development of new methods (multilevel structural equation models) for longitudinal multimethod/rater data (DFG-project)
  • modeling cross-sectional as well as longitudinal 360 degree feedback (multirater) measurement designs
  • evaluating the convergent and discriminant validity of objective personality tests (DFG-project)
  • development of new psychometric models for the measurement of implicit motives (DFG-project)
Kroth, Anna Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)
  • Educational inequality
  • Sociology of Education
  • Transition School - Tertiary Education
  • Causal Effects
Kuger, Susanne DJI- Deutsches Jugendinstitut
  • Development and evaluation of measurement procedures to assess learning environments
  • Structure and conditions of educational quality at home and in institutional settings
  • (Differential) effects of learning opportunities
  • Early childhood education
  • Learning environments of gifted children

Current research project:
Co-ordination of the development of context assessment questionnaires for PISA 2015

Levels, Mark Maastricht University
  • Educational systems' properties and the labor market allocation of school-leavers
Maehler, Débora B. Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS - Mannheim)
  • Migration research (eg. naturalization process, acculturation models and theories)
  • Adult education (cognitive competencies, age/cohort effects, social inequality)
  • Identity and identity development (eg. social identity, ethnic identity)
  • Psychometric assessment (construction and validation of tests)


Marcus, Jan DIW Berlin
  • Causal inference
  • (Intergenerational) returns to education
  • inequality and education
Möhring, Katja University of Mannheim
  • Life course and labor market sociology
  • Welfare state and social policy analysis
  • Social inequality
  • Statistical methods for multilevel and longitudinal data
  • Education in adulthood
  • Employment biographies
  • Pensions and retirement
  • Attitudes and gender equality

CIDER Fellow from 2013 to 2014

Offerhaus, Judith Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology, University of Cologne
  • Sociology of education and labor market sociology
  • Higher and further/continuous education
  • Educational attainment and stratification
  • Transition from higher education to labor market
  • Skill development and labor market outcomes
  • Social inequalities over the life course

Current project: The relationship of attitudes towards education, social origin and educational success (DFG).

Peter, Frauke DIW Berlin
  • Economics of Education
  • Family Economics
Praetorius, Anna-Katharina German Institute for International Educational Research
  • instructional quality
  • teacher motivation
  • judgment accuracy of teachers
  • academic self-concept of students

Current research project: Teachers' goal orientations (funded by the BMBF)

Protsch, Paula Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)
  • Social Inequality
  • Sociology of Education & Labor Markets
  • School-to-Work Transitions
  • Gatekeeping Processes in Vocational Training and Labor Markets
  • Mixed Methods

Current Project: Recruitment Behavior of Companies in Vocational Training and Labor Markets

Rauch, Dominique Patrizia German Institute for International Educational Research
  • educational inequality
  • multilingualism
  • school success of immigrant students
  • reading comprehension
  • peer learning
Sass, Steffani IPN - Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education
  • cognitive developement of children and scientific literacy in the early childhood
  • test item format and cognitive information processes
  • construct irrelevant variance
  • technology based assessment

current projects

  • National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)
  • Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)


See, Sarah Grace University of Groningen
  • Economics of education
  • Labour and demography
  • Educational inequality
  • Household inputs
  • Time use
Sonnenberg, Bettina University of Washington
  • social inequality
  • social stratification
  • empirical education research
  • applied panel analyses

Current projects and interests:

  • NEPS
  • Organizational reform in upper secondary school in Thuringia and student achievement
  • Gender-specific educational and occupational choices


Strietholt, Rolf TU Dortmund
  • educational effectiveness research
  • international comparative education, and large-scale studies on student achievement
  • He is or was involved in projects like NEPS, PIRLS, StEG, and COMPEAT
Teltemann, Janna University of Hildesheim
  • Immigrant Education
  • Education policies and Education System
  • PISA
  • Multilevel and Panel Analysis
  • International Comparisons
  • Macro and System effects on Education
  • Migration and Integration
  • Segregation and Urban Research
  • Current Project: International Education Politics (CRC 597, Project C4)
Tiffin-Richards, Simon Freie Universität Berlin
  • reading acquisition
  • component processes of reading
  • foreign language learning
  • quantitative research methods
  • standardized large-scale educational testing
  • validity issues in psychological and educational testing

Current Interests: Lexical processes / Eye-tracking / Longitudinal study designs and analyses / Reading comprehension / Foreign language learning

CIDER Fellow from 2013 to 2014

Vieluf, Svenja German Institute for International Educational Research
  • Classroom teaching in cross-cultural perspective
  • Methods for cross-cultural research
  • Immigration and education
  • Diversity management
  • Multicultural school culture

Projects: PISA & TALIS

Wondratschek, Verena DLR-PT
  • economics of education
  • labour economics
  • importance of cognitive and noncognitive skills for educational and labour market outcomes
  • effects of educational institutions on average student outcomes and on equality of opportunity in education