And the winner is...

Congratulations on winning the Public Science Awards!

1st prize
Georg Lorenz was awarded the 1st prize for a number of activities concerning his report "Vielfalt im Klassenzimmer. Wie Lehrkräfte gute Leistung fördern können" ("Diversity in the classroom. How teachers can stimulate high performance"). After the report was published, a workshop, a press conference and an interview with the newspaper DIE ZEIT took place, which were widely covered by the media. More at

2nd prize
Aileen Edele and Oliver Winkler published an article called "Zwischen Wunsch und Wirklichkeit. Schulzufriedenheit - Bildungsaspirationen - Migrationshintergrund" ("Dream and reality. School satisfaction - educational aspirations - migrant background") in the renowned and practice-relevant journal "Schulmanagement", reaching a large audience of teachers, head masters and excecutives.

3rd prize
Guido Neidhöfer developed a website on "Educational Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America" including an interactive map and data visualization tools.  Read more
about this great project at

Thank you all for your public science activities !