Happy New Year

The coordination team wishes you all a happy and successful 2015!
A lot of constructive work awaits us all this year, you will see the first results of your collaborations, and we will meet in Kiel for presenting these and more.
We're looking forward to these processes and are happy to continue supporting you in this respect.

Christian, Diana, Jonna, Georg & Johannes

Life Long Learner

The following Link leads to a Website which informs you about the reasearch projects on "Life Long Learning" Julia Gorges - the winner of our Public Science Contest - is involved in (e.g. the DFG-supported ValCom project):


CIDER Positions

We are very happy to announce that the first fellows have started their post-doc positions in March:
Camilla Borgna and Anna Kroth have started at the WZB, Jan Marcus is realising his projects at the DIW, and Verena Wondratschek started her position at the ZEW. Débora Maehler and Valentina Di Stasio will join in at a later date at GESIS and WZB, respectively.

We look forward to working with you all!

The Coordination Team


Many of our fellows and senior were active on the second meeting of the Society for Empirical Educational Research (GEBF).
Apart from that, CIDER has organised a science slam on Tuesday, March 4, where Janna Teltemann, Rolf Strietholt, Simon Tiffin-Richards, Christian Brzinsky-Fay and Olaf Köller presented pieces of their work in short and entertaining talks to a huge auditorium ( approximately 200-250 people).
We had a lot of fun and it was great success, last but not least in terms of promoting our college.

Winners of the Public Science Contest

It is a pleasure to announce the winners of the CIDER Public Science Contest:

  1. Julia Gorges
  2. Christian Ebner
  3. Susanne Kuger

We like to thank all participants for their creative contributions. At the spring workshop, there will be a little award ceremony, where the winners will briefly present their contributions.

Happy New Year!

The CIDER coordination team wishes all fellows, seniors, guests and friends a happy new year!

We are happy to continue working with you all in 2014.

Diana, Jonna & Christian


The coordination team would like to thank all participants for their extraordinary engagement at the CIDER Fall Workshop, which took place from October 21-25,2013 at the DIW in Berlin.

We had a lot of stimulating discussions within many different formats such as plenary discussions, thematic groups or Open Space sessions. Additionally, we had interesting guests, who enriched the College's topics and research areas with valuable external perspectives.

Public Science Workshop

On June 24-25, 2013, the College hosted a Public Science Workshop at the WZB Berlin Social Research Center.
Fellows discussed the societal relevance of their research and identified criteria for selecting research topics. Three concurrent courses on writing press releases, essays and blogs offered techniques for communicating research results to the public. The course materials are available in the download section.

Spring Workshop

The Spring Workshop of the College for Interdisciplinary Education Research took place at the DIPF in Frankfurt/Main from April 15-20, 2013.

Kick-Off Workshop

The College's Kick-Off Workshop took place in Berlin on March 18-19, 2013. Fellows and senior members met for the first time, heard lectures on the College's main topics and presented their own research in poster sessions.